Fucoidan Benefits

Fucoidan has been known to fight off diseases, act as an anti-inflammatory, and can even help with the self-destruction of cancer cells. Brown seaweeds such as wakame, mozuku, hijiki, bladder wrack, and kombu all carry beneficial amounts of this natural ingredient, which has the ability to naturally stabilize health, reinforce the immune system, and speed up the recovery process of many viruses and diseases. Fucoidan benefits have become more widely studied over the past few years because of this natural compound’s ability to ward off everything from small illnesses such as the common cold to deadly illnesses such as cancer and liver fibrosis. Because of its ability to protect healthy cells, the body’s natural resistance against disease is increased substantially.

There are many different health benefits that come with taking Fucoidan Force™, including:

Fucoidan also reduces or eliminates the symptoms of major health conditions such as:

Immune System Booster

A fucoidan supplement is mainly used to boost the immune system. This means it can help with any gastrointestinal issues since our digestive system is highly reliant on this system. One of its active ingredients is fucose, a healing sugar that benefits the body and works to help fight off viruses and diseases. This extract contains all 8 essential saccharides (sugar molecules) that are good for your body’s cellular communication, and also contains over 50 trace minerals that help you fight common colds. This is why it is great to take even if you aren’t sick! It acts as a great booster for all of the stresses and toxins that reach our bodies every day. This super seaweed acts as an immune enhancer with its natural antiviral properties and is an antioxidant for the reduction of free radicals in the body. It relieves allergies and arthritis because of its natural anti-inflammatory effects.


For people with cardiovascular issues, this seaweed supplement can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and better immune qualities without causing the negative side effects that most over the counter pharmaceuticals induce. The anticoagulant blood-thinning properties of Fucoidan can help prevent conditions such as stroke or pulmonary embolism caused by blood clots. Taking Fucoidan Force™ can also help strengthen the membranes of the heart muscle, reducing the risk of heart diseases.


As an antiviral, Fucoidan Force™ helps to ease the symptoms most commonly linked to the Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and Herpes Simplex Virus 2. It can reduce the length of time it takes for an outbreak to heal, or prevent outbreaks from occurring in the first place by keeping the immune system on guard against potential outbreaks. Some studies have even suggested that fucoidan’s immune boosting capabilities can even help people suffering from HIV or AIDS. Because these conditions greatly compromise and weaken the immune system, fucoidan can help restore white blood cell count and improve immune responses.

Weight Lossweightloss

Brown seaweed may also be a helpful tool in preventing and/or treating obesity, because it carries ingredients that work to stimulate the breakdown of lipids. According to the renowned Dr. Oz, Fucoidan can help you burn more calories than exercise alone (when taken in pill form), and most will find that it works faster than exercise. The Fucoidan that comes from Undaria pinnatifida has been shown to help induce weight loss by increasing the production of a certain protein that is responsible for the breakdown of fat, while also increasing your metabolic rate. It has also been shown to help reduce the creation of new fat and enhance the breakdown of existing fat, making it easier for you to lose more pounds.

Joint Mobility/Arthritis

These complex polysaccharides helps to improve joint health by keeping them flexible and lubricated. This can, in turn, help those (of any age group) who have existing arthritis conditions. It has been proven that certain kinds of Fucoidan that have a low molecular weight (like in the Undaria pinnatifida) carry the ability to reduce the severity of arthritis and joint pain through the suppression of inflammatory activation, while those that are higher in molecular weight increase the pain that is commonly associated with arthritis. In a study on patients (both men and women) who had osteoarthritis, Fucoidan extract was shown to reduce the symptoms in a dose-dependent manner. Those who took 1000mg per day of Fucoidan over a course of 12 weeks showed a 52% decrease in their symptoms.


Fucoidan also has benefits for people who have diabetes because it can slow down the release of glucose in the blood, which lowers blood pressure. Because it benefits blood glucose levels, the body is then kept in the normal ranges which can be very beneficial to those with Type II Diabetes (or even those that are considered pre-diabetic).   Whether you are looking to fight illness, maintain your health and body fat, or just give your immune system a boost, one of the best ways to gain these benefits is by adding Fucoidan Force to your daily regimen.

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